Before You Visit

Room Dimensions
Locations of Doors, Windows, Closets
Determine toilet "rough" (Measure from the back wall to the center of the bolts on the side of the toilet - standard is 12")
Do you have any other size restraints in your toilet area? (poor door swings, tight space)
Vanity Area
What size is your current vanity or pedestal?
How many sinks do you have?
Do you have a medicine cabinet or mirror?
If a cabinet, is it recessed or surface mounted?
How high will you be tiling?
How much height do you have over your vanity for a mirror or medicine cabinet?
Length, Width and Depth
When you are looking at your tub, is the drain on the right or the left?
Length, Width and Ceiling Height
Location of showerheads and faucet trim
Where do you want to tile?
What quantity will you need? (Your contractor or tile installer should give you quantities of tile that you will need to order.)
What size is your sink base cabinet?
Do you want a single or double bowl sink?
What kind of conveniences would you like in your kitchen? (Some possibilities include instant hot, a water purifier, garbage disposal, pot filler, etc.)
If you had a magic wand, what would your dream bath or kitchen look like?
What features would you incorporate from your existing space?
What would you change from your existing space?
How soon are you looking to bring this dream to life?